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Our Services

We make sure the purchase succeeds!  

And for our relations, it's completely free of charge.

Read why and how!


If you don't buy a house; then we can't broker a mortgage.

Therefore, in 2017 we decided to help our relations with purchase counseling. First at a cost and recently free of charge.

It's a win-win situation.

How do we do this?

We first form a file.

In it we take stock:

What are the possibilities and what are the impossibilities.

What are your housing needs?

Is there a house in our "file" that fits them.

Which homes fit your needs and possibilities.


From a sample property that you think is suitable, we start the counseling process. We release a "trial balloon."

This gives you a more concrete picture of what the monthly costs will be.

With this information we also test the acceptance. Because we mediate with all lenders you always have the best conditions, at the lowest monthly costs.

With these assurances and our tips, you will be more relaxed on your search.


With our extensive network and through our client base, we are the first to know if something becomes available.

Many of our clients move on.

It happens regularly that their home is "passed on" to another client. Without the intervention of an expensive selling broker.
The price is always in line with the market.

Veel van onze clienten stromen door.

Het gebeurt regelmatig dat hun woning "doorgeschoven" wordt naar een andere relatie. Zonder tussenkomst van een dure verkopende makelaar.
De prijs is altijd markt-conform.

How do we do this?

We analyze.

There are 3 home values:

1. Asking price. The price on e.g. Funda.

2. Market value. The value that is appraised. The desired property is pre-appraised by us. No surprises at purchase.

3. The Award Value. The expected value to be awarded to the buyer. The offer. With past information from similar homes and by talking to the selling broker, we get an idea of what a awarded price might be.

Bidding process

After a successful viewing, we contact the selling broker.

Sellers do not only look at the highest bid. We also look for certainty that the bid can actually be mediated and that the reservations are appropriate, such as completion date, reservation of financing and/or architectural report.

We always include a reservation on the architectural report in our offer, but because there is already a mortgage guarantee, we usually do not need a reservation on financing. That gives us an advantage over other buyers!


Hi all, you really need to choose the service of Horizon Hypotheek. Choosing Horizon is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Aschwin is professional , experienced. He solved all of my problems, provided the best advices and best option to me. I cannot express enough my appreciation to him.
Don’t hesitate to make an appointment, Aschwin will reach out to you immediately. Sometimes i felt guilty as i sent him a message in the evening and he replied it immediately, this is just an example to show how approachable he is.
Really really thanksful for your help. All the best.

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