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Our Work

The Stepping Stones towards your new home.
From initial contact to finally a Binding Offer from a lender.


Intake gesprek

The initial introduction is at our expense. This is usually done through a video call or by telephone.

The duration of this call depends on your situation and how you have prepared for this call.

The following information is needed: What is your income and how is that income generated. Employment, pension, self-employment, benefits or from assets.


There is no charge


File formation

After analysis from the intake of the desire and alignment with the possibilities, it appears that it fits. Only then do we open the file. Incidentally, from the AVG this is only allowed after you have given the assignment.

All necessary documents are collected.

We check all documents for validity. For example, an employer's statement must match the salary slip and not be older than 3 months.
Our back office will make contact to guide you through the document list.


A commitment fee will be charged.


Analyse and advice

In this phase there will be several interviews. At this stage we would also like to meet in person, if this has not already been done.

A client profile will be made.
Where are you now and where do you want to go and with what considerations do you wish to do so?

Do you avoid risk or do you take risk?

In this, the advisor will act as a sounding board and take you within various scenarios. From the analysis several scenarios are given. You make a choice from these.

An indicative interest offer is issued by the lender. that means there is an initial acceptance based on the data we have checked.

A mortgage guarantee based on the then current conditions and interest rate can be issued.


Mediation stage

The advisor will place the application with the chosen lender and provide clarification if necessary.

The lender may require additional documents. But in many cases, documents are requested that are not actually needed. The advisor ensures the smoothest possible process and guides the underwriting process.

He also accompanies the valuation of the home and the way to the notary.

Ultimately, this leads to an offer that is binding for a lender.


The mediation fee is charged.

The success fee.

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